Anes dans le Vercors

Hiking with donkeys

Share a unique experience that's sure to delight young and old alike!

Accompanied by your donkey, enjoy a unique hiking experience in the Vercors mountain range.

Let yourself be guided for a few days or hours – the perfect time for an experience that’s guaranteed to please both young and old!

Love animals?

Take a donkey with you as your walking companion!

Whether it’s a simple discovery walk or a fully self-sufficient hike in the Vercors, a donkey will be your best friend!
Donkeys – kind, patient and incredibly endearing to children – will be a firm favourite for the whole family, and will adapt to your walking pace.
You’ll build a real bond during your hike – hugging and petting your new companion!
Hiking with a donkey is the ultimate experience to share with family and the perfect way to forget all about everyday life: school, homework and all the rest!


Guided or independently?

Not sure whether to set off with a guide or alone? We’ll help you to make your decision.

  • With a guided hike, you can be sure that you won’t lose your way! Your guide will introduce you to the plants and wildlife of Vercors. They will teach you even more about the donkey, and can even introduce you to multi-day hiking. On the agenda: beautiful moments of conviviality and sharing.

  • To experience an adventure – whether big or small – there’s nothing better than setting off alone, with family or friends on a self-sufficient hike with your donkey. Your donkey-driver will train you to take care of the donkey throughout your hike (care, food, good conduct, routes, etc.). From a half-day to a multi-day hike, the choice is yours!
Did you know?
3 km/h

the average speed of a donkey

35 kg

the weight that a donkey can carry with a packsaddle, and two large saddlebags on each side

20 kg

the maximum weight for a child to ride on a donkey

Dare to take on a fully self-sufficient adventure

In total freedom in Vercors!

To discover self-sufficient multi-day hiking with family, we absolutely recommend undertaking the crossing of the Hauts Plateaux Nature Reserve, one of the largest reserves in France!
This crossing usually takes between three to five days, during which you’ll discover the diversity of plants and wildlife in this reserve, all at your own pace. Setting off from Corrençon, this route, spanning more than 60 km (depending on the chosen option) will take you to the magnificent plains of Darbounouse and Chau, passing by the huts of Carette and Jasse du Play.

For a self-sufficient hike that can range from three to ten days, this long-eared animal will allow you to experience the adventure to the fullest!