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A night in a hut

To experience a great adventure or spend a night in one of our shelters during your multi-day hike, what could be better than a night in a hut.

Sleeping under the stars or in a tent is great, but you have to a admit that a night with a roof over your head isn’t too shabby either. A hut is a place of sharing, allowing you to enjoy the surroundings and experience unique moments together. There are more than 20 scattered throughout the Vercors mountain range!

A night in a hut

The unique thing about the huts in the Vercors park is that these mountain lodgings are unguarded. So, what does that mean?

These huts have no caretaker, and are provided to welcome the public. They are rather basic, but well maintained. A table and sleeping areas are often provided (please note, there will be no mattress available).

They cannot be made private or reserved for a group. As long as there is room, help yourself! These are communal shelters, open to all.

However, it is very important that everyone ensures the utmost respect for the site.

These huts are regularly maintained by various regional agents. Please respect their work and, if possible, lend a hand.

You must also respect the plants and wildlife around you. Take care not to make too much noise.

Where are the cabins located?

To find all the unguarded cabins and information regarding their condition, we invite you to consult the collaborative site below:

Good to know!

The unguarded huts cannot be reserved, and as such a place inside is not guaranteed. Always take a tent and encourage mutual aid between hikers.

Some shelters do not have firewood or a stove to keep warm. If there is no stove, bring very warm items and, if there is a stove, you can bring your own wood if none is available.