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10 unmissable summer activities

For a trip that’s sure to delight, discover our checklist of 100% unmissable summer experiences in Villard/Corrençon.
For lovers of wide open spaces and fresh air, together with playful activities and wellness treatments, it’s the perfect way to enjoy an inspiring break.

1. The mythical Vercors Crossing

A great classic for seasoned hikers, this route crosses the Vercors from north to south and promises total immersion in the heart of wild Vercors, with a trip through the Nature Reserve as the highlight of the journey. Prepare yourself to experience a unique adventure in an unparalleled mountain range, as plateaus, cliffs, alpine pastures, ridges, mountain passes and forests follow one after the other. Imagine the sight of nightfall from a guarded lodge or the total freedom of your own tent. Disconnection guaranteed.

2- An sunset aperitif at Château Julien

A breath-taking view coupled with a majestic calm to admire the night as the last light of day disappears? Welcome to the Château Julien viewpoint: the ultimate spot 🙂

Head to Bois Barbu by car and continue to the Château Julien carpark. From there, take a short walk to discover the viewpoint summit before settling down for an evening you won’t forget. Get your crackers and camera out of your bag and admire the iconic summit of the Grande Moucherolle before you. Now, you’re ready to immortalise this moment. Cheers!

3. Say hello to the ibexes at Pas de l'Oeille

Hey, mum, what do you call the one with the long horns?
For wildlife lovers, we offer you THE hike to delight your little ones. See a real ibex, one of six wild ungulates of the Vercors Park (stag, wild boar, chamois, roe deer and mouflon). On the road towards the Pas de l’Oeille or Lake Moucherolle, you’ll have plenty of chances to come across this animal – look, there’s 1, 2, 3 … 50!
This calm and unafraid animal loves living in a herd and enjoys the ridges of Vercors.

4. Mario Kart session

3, 2, 1 … Go! From the top of the Cote 2000 Gondola lift, take to the slopes in this impressive little vehicle. The Mountain Kart is a three-wheeled, engineless machine accessible to all (minimum height: 1 m 30). For a gentle ride or a sporting challenge, the feeling of speed comes from being so close to the ground throughout your descent. Experience a new way to enjoy winter sports and don’t hesitate to challenge your loved ones to a frenzied race.

5. Make a splash at the aquatic centre

With summer in full swing and the sun at its peak, are your children starting to get restless? No need to worry, the Villard aquatic centre has a cool bath in store for you. Located in the heart of the village, you’ll hear the cries of children playing before you even step foot inside. On the hour, the indoor pool transforms into a wave pool and your children are sure to have a blast (they’ll sleep well tonight!). Meanwhile, others enjoy the sun on the grassy areas of the indoor pool, with slides and paddling pools for the little ones.
A super experience for the whole family.

6. Gondola-lift ride

In exactly seven minutes, take to the heights and discover our summits and panoramas thanks to the Cote 2000 gondola lift. From the balcony hamlet of Villard, purchase your ticket and set off with your little ones. It’s time for a fun climb – once on board, the landscape stretches out before your eyes, offering you a great shortcut to reach our signposted trails that will lead you to the heights of Vercors.
Set off and enjoy the most incredible panoramas!

7. Green attitude

A mountain golf course? Not exactly, more golf mountain-style.

The difference is subtle and yet significant. Though located at an altitude of 1,100 m, the Corrençon golf course is not hilly but undulating. This 18-hole course has been designed to offer beautiful viewpoints without ever damaging our nature. Playing becomes just as important as admiring the view or taking in our exceptional panoramas, combining game and hike.

A pleasure for the eyes and the pleasure of the game!

8. Following in the footsteps of Emilien Jacquelin

Did you know that our leading athletes train during the summer season on rollerskis? What’s that? In short, it’s skiing on the road – or the summer version of Nordic skiing. Reproducing the same movements, this is the best way to stay in shape and keep up your skiing skills. In Corrençon, a rollerski biathlon area will welcome you every afternoon, offering you the chance to try out this activity. The Nordic ESF skis school can also introduce you to biathlon. As you make your way around a slope or on the shooting range, you might just run into some of our champions.

9. Try out an electric bike

Tempting, isn’t it? The electric bike is the best way to get back into this sport during your holiday. The motivation is there, though perhaps the physical abilities are not. No matter. You’ll still need to pedal, but this little helping hand as you climb into the saddle will help you get back into cycling. Now you’re ready to set off on a group cycle, all at the same pace. A climb to the horizon? Switch to Turbo mode and you won’t even notice it. As for that far off inn you wanted to visit last year, it’s now perfectly within reach.
Enjoy your cycling experience to the fullest without restriction.

10. Gourmet break

The mountain offers you an unforgettable active holiday, as you’re sure to love crawling over the rocks and flirting with our wide open spaces … However, it’s also the time to take a break and satisfy all your desires. Don’t resist the call of your stomach.

A note to all those foodies dying to treat themselves to a little ice-cream. Spoil yourself in one of our many restaurants or simply enjoy a coffee in the sunshine as you watch the time pass. That’s what holidays are all about.