Orienteering race

Do you like running outdoors and want to become familiar with the use of a map and a compass? Orienteering is the perfect combination of physical effort and logical thinking!


This outdoor activity is also very adventurous.

What is an orienteering race?

Cross a sporting activity with a challenge involving logic and navigational skills, and you get an orienteering race.

Orienteering is mostly done on foot. But it can also be done on bicycles or skis!

The bonus? These races can be enjoyed by all, since you can select the difficulty of the course to suit your abilities.

For the most competitive, the aim is to complete the race as quickly as possible.

With a map and a compass, you must find a certain number of control points that will mark out your path. You need to punch your control card at each control.

Practical information

For the best orienteering race, we recommend:

• A good pair of trainers 👟
• compass (you could also use your telephone) 🧭
• route map 🗺️
• water bottle 💧
• chronometer if you want a challenge ⏱️

Finding an orienteering map

At the reception of the tourist officers, you will find several orienteering maps depending on your abilities and preferences:

Villard de Lans

Heritage course at the centre of Villard de Lans and Bois Barbu
3 maps available (2 adult courses and 1 course for children) – Free of charge

Course of the Fédération Française de course d’orientation, near Villard de Lans
6 courses (3 from Les Cochettes and 3 from the high school) green – blue – orange ability level – Price: €3.50


Corrençon en Vercors 

Heritage course from the centre of Corrençon en Vercors
3 maps available (1 sporting course, 1 adult course and 1 course for children) – Free of charge