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Discover the Vercors Regional Park

What is the Vercors Natural Park ?

The Vercors Regional Natural Park is a natural park created in 1970 in the departments of Isère and Drôme.

In a few figures : 

  • 206 208 hectares of preserved nature in the Vercors massif 🌿
  • 84 communes in eight natural regions🚩
  • 1800 plant species, 85 of which are protected 🌸
  • 79 species of orchids 🌷
  • 140 species of nesting birds 🦅
  • 72 species of mammals (chamois, deer, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar and ibex…) 🐐

What is the difference between the Vercors Park and the Nature Reserve?

The Reserve is a small part (10%) of the Vercors Natural Park. It is a delimited area that protects natural spaces and the species they shelter. The objective is to preserve the biogeodiversity = fauna, flora, landscapes, geology, soil and subsoil. 🌿

Did you know?
324.1 km

the distance to cover by foot on the Vercors Grand Tour

2,341 m

the highest altitude within the park (The Grand Veymont)

Over 3,000 km

signposted and organised routes

The Park’s missions

The park is showcase for nature.

Here, we can take advantage of the fresh air – while always respecting it. The Vercors Park has several everyday missions: to preserve and enhance the various natural environments, to educate and convey good practices to the people of Vercors and to visitors, to support sustainable development within the region and to develop a harmonious relationship between man and his environment!