Coucher de soleil au sommet du Vellan, GervanneCoucher de soleil au sommet du Vellan, Gervanne
©©S et M BOOTH|Photographer: S et M BOOTH

Inspiration Vercors

Inspiration knows no borders, but it does have a favourite land

Inspiration Vercors is a label created to serve our tourist destination. This is a collective approach, carried out and shared by the communities of Vercors, tourist offices and regional governments, and organised by the Vercors Regional Nature Park. Our local authorities and tourist actors within the region (through the Partner label) work together to broaden the scope and visibility of Vercors, while conveying the values of our region.

Supported by the key elements of Vercors’ identity, its history, its inhabitants and its natural and heritage riches, this label allows Vercors to stand out through four strong values:


As a land of men and women, little encounters can be found everywhere in Vercors. Here, we believe in the meaning given to each experience. Sharing our passion for this land with our visitors, that’s what we strive to do! This source of enrichment, made up of these little meetings and discoveries, is also what makes travelling in our region so appealing, marked by a sense of conviviality and sharing.



Vercors has inherited wide open spaces and a particularly diverse nature. This heritage commits our men and women to its preservation in order to better deliver this to future generations. As part of this implicit duty, the Regional Nature Park plays a fundamental role in offering a unique journey to the heart of this exceptional nature.


Vercors means breaking away from routine, it is the response to our need for a holiday, for relaxation and escape … Since time immemorial, Vercors has instilled in its inhabitants the energy and strengthy for which they are known: fresh air, the beauty of its landscapes, a privileged environment … This place is a source of wellness, far from stress and the hustle and bustle of the cities. Coming to Vercors means finding yourself in a bubble, protected from the stress of the world.



As the capital of the Resistance, Vercors has sheltered many French Resistance fighters. Today, this dearly paid-for freedom is anchored in the DNA of Vercors – the perfect place to get away from it all, while remaining accessible. Thanks to this freedom, the region’s inhabitants have developed a certain capacity to innovate and a dynamism for the entire mountain range.

Little gems

1. The Mont-Aiguille

2. Combe Laval

3. Grotte de Choranche

4. Vercors Hauts Plateaux Nature Reserve

5. Himalayan Passerelles

6. The Abbey of Léoncel

7. Saint Antoine l’Abbaye

8. The hanging houses

9. Via Vercors

10. The Arêtes du Gerbier

11. The Cirque d’Archiane

12. The Vallon de la Jarjatte

13. The Clairette de Die vineyard

Travel booklets

Inspiration Vercors, together with our local tourist offices, has published six digital travel booklets to set off meeting craftspersons, producers, traders, artists and key stakeholders in the cultural and tourist world of Vercors. Through their commitment and determination, these men and women promote local productions and their incredible know-how. These routes have been designed to take advantage of the landscape and follow the roads of Vercors, while puntuating their circuits with stops made rich through sharing, exchanges and emotion. At your own pace, discovering the full route or a portion thereof, these circuits are also well suited for electric bikes.

Inspiration Vercors Partners

The Inspiration Vercors Partner label is a variation of the Inspiration Vercors label for tourism professionals. By appropriating the values of Inspiration Vercors and becoming a Parnter, professionals commit to:

•    offering you a warm and personalised welcome in order to make your trip a time of conviviality, relaxation and wellness.

•    allowing you to discover the richness and diversity of Vercors: landscapes, inhabitants, traditions, leisure activities, and natural and heritage sites.

•    offering you an original experience.

•    helping you discover local products and letting you know about the producers and craftspeople of Vercors.

•    respecting the environment by implementing environmental-managment measures (energy management, waste sorting, composting, renewable energies, use of eco-friendly materials, etc.).

Partner Label

The tourist actors concerned include hosts, restaurateurs, activity providers and tourist sites.