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Road info

Planning to come for a weekend, a few days or to enjoy your holidays in Villard/Corrençon? This is the place to travel in total peace of mind and plan your trip. To check traffic and road conditions in real time, consult our regularly updated bulletin.

Vercors road conditions

Updated 11/12/21, 09:02

  • Road from Sassenage, via Engins (D531): Open.
  • Road from Seyssins, via St-Nizier-du-Moucherotte (D106): Open.
  • Gorges de la Bourne (D 531): Open.


A few rules

• Special equipment (snow tires, chains) has been compulsory since 1 November 2021. You can choose between four snow tyres or at least two chains for two-wheel drive. Please use the chaining areas provided for this purpose.

• Snow socks are permitted and practical, but remember that they are no replacement for “traditional” chains.

• As a reminder, it is forbidden to overtake snow ploughs in operation.


Our tips for driving in the snow

If you’re not used to driving on snow, here are a few tips that may come in handy:

• When driving on snow, you need to adapt your driving style. Smooth driving will prevent you from skidding. Do not sharply jerk the steering wheel. Take it easy and stay focused on the road.

• Use your lights and check that they are not covered with snow.

• Use engine braking and allow time for increased braking distances. Do not brake suddenly.

• When climbing, go slowly. Do not accelerate too hard.

• When setting off, if you skid in first gear, don’t hesitate to start in second.