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Vercors au coeur tampon

Our values

Villard-de-Lans and Corrençon-en-Vercors are two villages linked by several aspects.
First, geographically. Just 6 km of countryside separates the two villages. They share the same climate, the same ideal altitude, fresh air and all the advantages of the gentle mountains.

One destination

Two lifestyles


Villard-de-Lans is the largest town on the Vercors Quatre Montagnes plateau: more than just a resort, it is a village first and foremost.

Villard-de-Lans benefits from an exceptional environment, creating a duality between protective fortress and gentle mountain. To visit the village is to experience its openness to an accessible nature and the unparalleled beauty of its landscapes. It is this nature that ensures a fantastic quality of life at these high altitudes and therefore facilitates life on the plateau, all year round. These mountains create a reassuring and homely atmosphere, with a unique sweetness.

Villard is a mountain area for all seasons: a veritable laboratory for better living.


Corrençon-en-Vercors is a charming village which has retained its authenticity to this day. Within a stunnng natural setting, the village is recognised as a gateway to the Vercors Hauts Plateaux Nature Reserve and to the GR-91 long-distance hiking trail.

The village of Corrençon benefits from a south-facing exposure, as evidenced by the presence of pine trees. The mountainous terrain also offers up an open mountain and a protective appearance. The village is nestled within a small cirque, far removed from the rest of the world and offering everything you need on site. A truly idyllic setting: a secluded and discreet jewel.

Discreet, but dynamic. Over the course of the last few years, the resort has developed its sports offering with a range of different activities: golf, biathlon, rollerskiing, and Alpine and Nordic skiing …

Villard-de-Lans and Corrençon-en-Vercors is

A passionate and benevolent territory.

A responsible place

inspiring and transforming moments

Shared values

Shared know-how, such as our sense of hospitality and welcoming, a healthy way of life and quality traditions. By coming to meet us, you’ll discover the authenticity of our people, marked by a love and respect for the mountain and its natural environment. You’ll also enjoy fantastic meetings with open-minded people who favour human exchanges above all else. All this, immersed in a beautiful cultural dynamic of sport and the great outdoors, offering visitors the chance to make the most of the playground of activities that surrounds us.




Inspiring nature

Thanks to a unique configuration of gentle and open mid-mountain plateaus, Villard/Corrençon makes for the ideal mountain destination. In this accessible resort, treat yourself to a breath of fresh airand beautiful landscapes.

An extensive playground where everything calls out to you to make the most of nature