Trail running

Just arrived on the plateau and feeling overwhelmed at the beauty of the mountains that surround you? We’re not surprised – it must be said that these mountains are truly magnificent. What better way could there be to discover all their paths and secrets than by heading off on a trail run? With such beautiful panoramas, you quickly forget about your legs!

Villard/Corrençon offers you a rejuvenating playground in which to set a new personal best!

Vercors: the perfect place for trail running

Since 2013, Villard-de-Lans has offered a trail-running resort to offer runners a quality welcome. Our well-signposted trails will keep you on the right track.

As you set off, nature opens itself up to you – revealing all of its most magical sites. On the agenda: enjoy magnificent panoramas, surpass yourself and have fun!

Vast plateaus, forest trails, high-altitude climbs to ridges and summits, and a wide variety of surfaces … Find the perfect trail for your level and tastes and get away from it all!

All on carefully signposted trails: Vercors is made for trail running.

Trail running offers up the perfect mix of wide open spaces and sport!

How do you practice trail running?

By downloading one of the 11 Vercors trails from – or request one at the Tourist Office.

Routes information sheets on sale at the Tourist Office: €0.50 per route.

Our little tip: remember to download the Stationdetrail application and your route to follow your location in real time, even when offline.

• I choose a route adapted to my level 🆗

• I ask about the weather conditions forecast ☀️

• I inquire about the status of my route. If my route is announced as closed, then I do not use it, because there is a risk for my safety ✅

• If I practice my activities with a dog, I inquire about the authorization and conditions of access with my animal 🦮

• I take the necessary equipment adapted to my practice (gloves, rainwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water, food, spare, first aid kit, survival blanket, map, mobile app…) 👟

• I warn my loved ones about my choice of route 📞

• In case of a sudden change in the weather, if the route is too difficult or if I am tired I know how to give up ☂️

• I close the fences after my passage, in order to guarantee the safety of the livestock and to respect the work of the breeders 🐄

• I do not feed the animals, I observe them from a distance and do not try to approach me 🐎

• I go around the herds if they are in my way and avoid sudden movements 🐐

• I avoid making too much noise to respect and have the chance to observe the life of the wildlife 🤫

• If I practice my activity with a dog, I know how to control it and make sure it does not disturb wildlife, livestock and other users

• I do not pick any flowers or plants and do not harm any plant species,🌿

• I do not throw any waste in nature, not even food scraps (cores, peelings, cheese rinds, egg shells, etc.). It is possible to do better: I pick some up if I see it on the ground! ♻️