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Mountain biking/Electric mountain biking

Discover the VTT/FFC No 25 mounting-biking site!
From the towns of Villard-de-Lans and Corrençon-en-Vercors, three starting points are offered: Les Bains hill, Bois Barbu and Les Hauts Plateaux.
These cover 10 fully redesigned, reorganised and signposted routes, providing something for all levels with three green, four blue, two red and one black route. These routes are also supplemented by the GTV Vercors Long-Distance Crossings, representing 318 km of trails.

Our mountain-biking/electric mountain-biking routes

Other routes ...

The Vercors Long-Distance Crossing

The Vercors Long-Distance Crossing (GTV) offers mountain bikers a range of routes within the Vercors mountain range. With a total of 1,500 km of signposted mountain-biking routes, including several long-distance crossings. Several routes are offered according to your level and desires; from a day to 3-4 hours riding, it’s up to you!

Find out more and prepare yourself fully before setting off on one of these long-distance journeys.
Warm up your calves, check your equipment and get ready for a cycling adventure.

Via Vercors

The Via Vercors is a route dedicated to “gentle travel”, with a total distance of 55 km leading riders to the heart of Vercors, from village to village. Its sections connect the villages of St Nizier du Moucherotte/Lans en Vercors/Villard-de-Lans and Corrençon-en-Vercors over 23 km, as well as Autrans/Méaudre with an 8.6 km trail. This secure and accessible route is perfect for discovering nature, the landscape and our heritage. As a veritable showcase of Vercors, this trail allows you to take in and understand the local landscape and its economy: farms, fields of crops, forest exploitation and the transformation of local resources.