Climbing - Via Ferrata

Do you like climbing and excitement and are not afraid of heights? As soon as the weather improves, you could go climbing or explore a via ferrata/via cordata to climb magnificent cliff faces in the Vercors and enjoy nature differently. 🧗‍♂️


With its limestone features, the Vercors is a reputed climbinglocation.

There are many climbing sites with routes for those who are old hands at climbing, and also for newcomersto the sport.

You could go off on your own or with a qualified instructor to beginners’ sites such as the Vallon de la Fauge or sites for the more experienced, such as Combeauvieux.




Via Ferrata / Cordata

Have trouble choosing between a via ferrata and a via cordata? Let us tell you the difference.

A via ferrata is a vertical route on a cliff, with barsand a continuous cable. It could also contain more fun obstacles such as monkey bridges, zip lines etc.

Like a via ferrata, a via cordata is a cliff route, but it is less equipped or the equipment is harder to access. There is no continuous cable, which means you need to be able to use a rope, as in climbing.

Practical information


Climbing is possible from a very young age, as soon as a child starts clambering about.

Climbing is possible from a very young age, as soon as a child starts clambering about.

Tip: you could see the routes at the reception in the tourist office in Villard de Lans.

Remember to take your climbing shoes (or trainers for newcomers), sunglasses and water.

Via Ferrata / Cordata

A via ferrata is for a wider public than a via cordata.
However, always check the difficulty of the route before you start, since there will be no turning back.

With a via cordata, some roping knowledge is required as in climbing, to be more at ease. However, if you go out with one of our qualified instructors, you will be safe!

As equipment, select a good pair of trainers, comfortable climbing clothes and sunglasses.