(single night stay)

To enjoy nature to the full, bivouacking offers a good opportunity to get away and experience the great outdoors.

Around Villard de Lans and Corrençon en Vercors, there are several locations suited for bivouacking. A fine idea for sharing an experience with the whole family!

A night under canvas

The possibility of bivouacking is closely dependent on the weather. You need to be very aware of the weather and be ready to cancel at the last minute, if need be. If you have children with you, be extra careful. Nights are often very cool at high elevations, and you will need proper equipment.🌙

Five golden rules for bivouacking

near Villard de Lans and Corrençon en Vercors

• Bivouacking is permitted from 5 pm to 9 am,
• No fires,
• Take care of the flora and fauna around you,
• Leave nothing behind; take away all your own waste, and that of others if there is any,
• Dogs are not allowed in the Natural Reserve of the Park of the Vercors.


To be sure to have a good night that leaves happy memories, remember to take all the equipment required for bivouacking.

For each individual: a sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, warm night clothes, head lamp, and at least two litres of water per person.

For everyone: tent, camping stove with gas cylinder and lighter, snacks and meals, bin liner, Swiss knife, first-aid kit, survival blanket, telephone with battery and a good printed and/or electronic map (mind the battery charge! ).

If you have children with you, all you need to do is just take some more items with you.

Selecting your bivouac location

Bivouacking is allowed around our two villages and in the Natural Reserve of the High Plateaux of the Vercors. However, it is only permitted from 5 pm to 9 am.

Other than that, you are free to select your site.

However, we recommend selecting your bivouacking location beforehand. You could camp close to one of our unguarded cabins (particularly if there is no place inside them), or also on many flat areas.

In the reserve: bivouacking is permitted only close to the refuges.

It is important to select a place sheltered from the wind. Also, mind the fauna and flora when you select a spot for setting up your tent: make sure there are no herds of animals, try not to settle on flowering plants etc.

The ideal location is:

safe, not too high up because of the temperature, sheltered from the wind, and preferably in a splendid setting 😉