Potholing and canyoning

Discovering our mountains, their streams and their entrails is often synonymous with thrills! Those who are looking for adventure have come to the right place.

Do you prefer cool water and slides or underground exploration and discovery?


Discover of the entrails of the Vercors

The Vercors has historically been the land of potholing, with close to 3000 referenced sites. The best known include the Gouffre Berger, the Grotte de la Luire, le trou qui souffle etc.

Here, you will be astonished by the magnificent galleries, underground rivers and a host of natural formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, draperies etc.

Potholing has now become accessible to a wide public. Find a guide and go discover another aspect of the Vercors.


Cool water and slides

With its canyons and streams, the Vercors is ideally suited to canyoning, and can offer a varied range of trails.

This fun activity can be enjoyed by a large number of thrill-seekers. Abseiling behind waterfalls, jumping into pools or going down natural slides is what you can expect.


Excitement guaranteed, with some very fine memories

Practical information:


The equipment is hired to you for the trip: suit, helmet, boots, harnesses, potholing bags, lines etc.

You must bring sports clothes, preferably warm, a good pair of trainers and water bottles.

You can book half days or whole days.

Even though it is open to all (from the age of 6 in general), potholing remains a sporting activity requiring some degree of fitness.


Canyoning is possible from the age of 12, and 35-kg weight.

As with potholing, the technical equipment is supplied by the guide (suit, helmet, rope, harnesses etc.).
You must bring a towel, a swimsuit and a good pair of trainers.

You must be able to swim and be comfortable in water.