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Are you a lover of nature and hiking? With its ideal altitude and diversity of landscapes, Vercors is the perfect place for snowshoeing.
Far from the ski lifts, enjoy the pure mountain air and admire the large green spaces.

Walks in complete freedom!

New: Let’s go snowshoeing!

For this winter, we’ve created a fantastic guide to snowshoe outings in Villard-de-Lans and Corrençon-en-Vercors.

Discover the 12 snowshoe trails that will take you through a range of different landscapes to enjoy beautiful panoramas.

For each walk, we have listed the level, time, distance, signposting and total elevation gain. Use our panoramic map to choose the walking route that interests you, note its number, then find its detailed description in the following pages.

Where to get yours:

• Paper guide on sale for €3 in the Tourist Offices of Villard and Corrençon, and at the departure gates of Bois Barbu and Corrençon
• Also available as a free download

Equipment for a snowshoe outing:

• Warm clothing on the upper body, with under-layers of warm clothing such as merino- or synthetic-wool t-shirts. Avoid cotton t-shirts. Add a thin fleece to avoid getting very hot on the way up or too cold on the way down.
• A waterproof and practical jacket or down jacket. You’re unlikely to need it going uphill, but it will come in handy when going downhill or on flat sections
• Comfortable, warm and even waterproof pants if possible,
• A hat to protect your head and ears from the cold. Remember, the cold gets in from our extremities: heads, feet and hands!
• A good pair of gloves/mittens to protect your hands from the cold
• Sunglasses
• Remember to wear some suncream on your face on sunny days, as the reflection from the snow can be particularly harsh

To accompany you

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