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Gaston, the mascot of Villard

The legend of Gaston

At one time, "Gaston" the bear reigned over the forest of La Loubière ...

At one time, “Gaston” the bear reigned over the forest of La Loubière
He was so big and so strong that he feared no one. In winter, he slept peacefully under the shelter of the La Cheminée cave, hidden away in the Herbouilly plain. However, three chatty little fairies, Agathe, Sophie and Cochette truly loved him and hated having to spend these long winter months without him. They therefore decided to use their power and, with a swish of their magic wand, they took him out of the land of dreams to enjoy his cheerful company once more. They played so much throughout the snowy valleys that, as they slid and rolled around with joy, they ended up running straight into the village square. Intrigued but reassured by Gaston’s kindness, the locals quickly adopted him.

He therefore become a best friend to both young and old. You can also find him at the resort’s activities throughout your stay.

His family and friends!

His whole family can be found at the Geymonds roundabout.

Sometimes, Bluette, his cow friend, accompanies him during the activities hosted in the J. Guichard park.

Where can you find Gaston?

During the school holidays, take part in our Tourist Office activities and discover Gaston in the village centre, near the Maison du Patrimoine, in the Luge Park on the Les Bains hill, in the kids’ corner of the Tourist Office or on the ski slopes of the Alpine area …

When you meet him, don’t hesitate to give him a hug – he loves cuddles.