A blueberry pie made with care by a local chef, a fresh cheese savoured next to the goat enclosure, a walk on the edge of the nature reserve, or perhaps a convivial moment shared with the locals: that’s the art of living we practice here. Welcome to the small family village that almost feels like the very end of the world: Corrençon-en-Vercors!

A haven of peace

Recharge your batteries in the nearby, serene and soothing nature, discover the delicious products of a lively and generous region, feel the warmth and kindness of our local families’ welcome, and relax and enjoy yourself while you take in the conviviality and simplicity of shared moments: Corrençon offers a break from reality, where life is good.

A gateway to the high plateaus of Vercors

Corrençon (1,111 m above sea level), is located at the extreme south of the Vercors plateau, a few kilometres from Villard-de-Lans. The road ends in this small village at the end of the world, gateway to the protected areas of the Vercors Hauts Plateaux Nature Reserve.
A return to a peaceful and warm, but never boring life: such is the promise of this haven of peace in which a multitude of activities are organised all year round, allowing visitors to enjoy all the benefits of life in the great outdoors.

A family village

In winter, the real added bonus of Corrençon is the ease of access from the centre of the village to the largest Alpine and Nordic area of the Vercors, connecting the settlement with the nearby Villard-de-Lans. As for families, you’ll love the Hameau des Rambins – an area entirely dedicated to welcoming children and beginners. The “Famille Plus” label guarantees excellent hospitality and a variety of products for both young and old.

High-quality services

Known for its gourmet restaurants and quality range of accommodation, Corrençon is the destination for foodies looking to enjoy a comfortable taste of real mountain life.
As soon as the snow melts, and until November, Corrençon offers golfers an 18-holf course that ranks among the most beautiful mountain golf courses in Europe.
Alongside the golf course, the biathlon rollerski area and the ZeCamp sports centre host top-level training. What’s more, don’t be surprised if you come across a few great champions during your trip to Corrençon!

Here, everything calls out to you to make the most of nature

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